Evangeline Lacroix

Member of book club 451 degrees at Lane Tech (Chicago) who opposed the censorship of Marjane Satrapi’s 'Persepolis'
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, Ill.

How did you hear about the book challenge in our community and why did you take action?

I heard about it through word of mouth between students. I took action because I found the challenge a gross use of power on CPS’ behalf. I couldn’t not do something.

You can get books at the library or store; why should we care about a book being removed from one class of students or one community?

Because I have a right to read these books. Why should I be submissive when I see injustice? That only reinforces the stereotype that the millennial generation never follows through with anything political.

Why do you think being aware of book challenges or bans is important to our country today?

It was never not important--but for the millennial generation, it’s especially important. This generation is one of the largest in population, but is statistically the least politically active. We have to take political issues such as challenged books by the horns and scream injustice. We have to show everyone that we are not passive, and what better way is there other than standing up for good literature?

Who inspires you? Who is your hero?

A person that inspires me is Studs Terkel. He was such a cool dude, going out on the streets and learning the life stories of other people. He is the journalist I want to be.