Carol Perez

Member of book club 451 degrees at Lane Tech (Chicago) who opposed the censorship of Marjane Satrapi’s 'Persepolis'
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, Ill.

How did you hear about the book challenge in our community and why did you take action?

My psychology teacher was the one who informed me of the book challenge. I decided to participate because it was wrong that CPS gave no explanations and took the books away hastefully.

You can get books at the library or store; why should we care about a book being removed from one class of students or one community?

Everyone has the right to read. Even if you can access books elsewhere, children can be initially exposed to literature and to the real world in their classes and especially in their communities.

Why do you think being aware of book challenges or bans is important to our country today?

Being aware of these things is important to provoke change; the more people who know, the better. We can inspire a change if we can show enough initiative and support.