Sex and the Censored Book: NCAC Activities 2012

Mon, 11/05/2012 - 09:40 -- Banned Books Week

Acacia O'Connor, from NCAC

Did you know that sexual content is one of the greatest excuses for book censorship, both historically and today? It’s a fact that ran as an underlying theme in many of the National Coalition Against Censorship’s activities and public outreach during Banned Books Week.

Starting at the Brooklyn Book Fest on September 23, NCAC interfaced with the public discussing censorship issues and book challenges at a number of invents and through media interviews. On Tuesday during Banned Books Week, we joined forces with CBLDF in hosting Fifty Shades of Banned, a fun and successful celebration of great works banned for sexually explicit content.

NCAC Executive Director Joan Bertin was quoted in The Guardian’s article about the week, “No sex, please, we’re American—Banned Books Week turns 30.” Joan Bertin and Kids’ Right to Read Project Coordinator Acacia O’Connor discussed book challenges and ratings on KPFA Radio’s “Project Censored” in California.

Throughout the week, NCAC featured a number of celebratory posts and features on Blogging Censorship, including an interview with recently banned author Matt Loux (Sidescrollers) and remembrances about several banned authors who died this year.