For Artists

Comic Book Creators

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund helps creators who are being attacked in cases where their work is clearly protected as parody or fair use. Check out the Fund’s website for more information.

Arts Advocacy Program

NCAC's art program, launched in 2000, remains the only national project dedicated to working directly with individual artists and curators involved in censorship disputes. Its main goal is to protect artists' rights to participate in the democratic dialogue by defending public access to their work and supporting their ability to freely express views that might be unpopular or controversial. Read more about the project.

International Artists

Index on Censorship campaigns for and defends free expression worldwide by publishing work by censored writers and artists, promoting debate, and monitoring threats to free speech. They encourage an environment in which artists and arts organisations can challenge the status quo, speak out on sensitive issues, and tackle taboos. The organization provides workshops for artists in the UK and other resources in support of free expression. View artist resources here

Banned Together

The Dramatists Legal Defense Fund organizes Banned Together: A Censorship Cabaret, a multi-city celebration of songs and scenes from shows that have been censored or challenged on America’s stages, to to raise awareness around issues of censorship and free expression in the theater. Find out more here.