For Students

Kids’ Right to Read Project

The National Coalition Against Censorship’s Kidss Right to Read Project offers support, education, and advocacy to librarians, educators, and patrons facing book challenges or bans and engages local activists in promoting the freedom to read. Check out the KRRP website for more information.

Youth Free Expression Program

NCAC launched the Youth Free Expression Program in 2010 to address the virtually unchecked assault on the free speech rights of young people. Through advocacy and education, the project supports the rights of youth to access information, as well as their freedom to question, learn, and think for themselves. One of the initiatives supported by the program is the Youth Free Expression Film Contest. The 2018 theme is “Fight the Power” and submissions are open until May 15, 2018!

BE HEARD! Protecting Your Protest Rights

A joint effort of NCAC and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Be Heard! Protecting Your Rights is a short comic by Kai Texel that delineates the protest rights of students in the United States. View this important tool for student advocacy here