Banned Books Week Program Kits

Trivia nights, also called pub quizzes, quiz nights, or bar trivia, are a great low-cost way to engage your community for Banned Books Week and beyond! In this kit, we provide a basic outline and tips for hosting your own trivia night, along with templates for promotional and support materials and questions you can use during your event. 

If you host a Banned Books Week trivia night or another Banned Books Week event, be sure to register it online at — it will be included on our free Banned Books Week event calendar for the world to find! 

©2019 Banned Books Week Coalition. This resource is provided free of charge by the Banned Books Week Coalition to support events during Banned Books Week and throughout the year, including fundraising events, but no part of this kit may be sold for financial benefit or fundraising purposes.  

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Social Media Trivia Template

After you download the trivia night kit, you can use this template on social media to share trivia questions with your patrons, students, friends, and family!