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Book Club: “Fahrenheit 451”

Join us again for our in-person book club meeting at the 110 Grill with Assistant Library Director Scott Campbell.

In support of Banned Books Week, and continuing our theme of books about books, both the library’s in-person and Zoom book groups will read Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel “Fahrenheit 451.” We will be sharing our thoughts about the book itself, and as it is Banned Books Week, we’ll discuss the renewed efforts to limit our freedom to read.

“Fahrenheit 451” is relatively short and a fairly easy read, but it packs a punch. In the its dystopian reality, reading is viewed as inherently subversive and a threat to upset the TV-opiated populace. If you have books, the firemen will come. Our central character is fireman “Guy,” and he and his team go around town burning books and the houses where books are secretly hidden. Eventually, he starts to question the practice, but it’s a dangerous thing to even think about.

We invite you to read (or re-read) it with us.

To facilitate this discussion, we will have a guest expert joining us, Dr. Joshua Tepley. Dr. Tepley is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Saint Anselm College, where he has worked since 2012. He received his B.A. in Philosophy from Bucknell University (2004) and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame (2013). His research interests include free will, personal identity, ontology (the study of being), and the intersection between philosophy and science fiction. “I love reading and discussing science fiction,” he says, “because it raises important philosophical questions in a way that is more relatable and engaging for non-philosophers than traditional philosophical writing is.”

This program is made possible by a grant from New Hampshire Humanities, as part of their Perspectives Book Group program. Thanks to them for providing books and the facilitator for this book discussion. Learn more at www.nhhumanities.org.

Location: We’ll meet once again at 110 Grill in Stratham. You may order drinks during our talk, but to avoid disruption, please eat dinner before or after our discussion.