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Off the Shelf: Book Bans, Challenges and Promoting Inclusive Literature

Book challenges and bans have been increasing across the country, both in schools and districts where laws have been passed, but also where no formal rules, restrictions or laws exist. When large scale book bans take place, it affects young people’s ability to see themselves reflected in books. It also impacts their ability to gain an understanding of and empathy for people who are different than themselves, which contributes to antisemitism, racism and all forms of bias.

Join ADL and AASL (American Association of School Librarians) to learn more about book challenges and bans and explore actions that can be taken.

Children’s book author Kelly Yang and a powerful group of panelists—including a teacher, high school student, librarian, and parent (from Florida Freedom to Read Project)—will address how book challenges and bans have impacted them in their unique roles and will discuss what we can do about what’s happening in schools and libraries. The program includes Q+A and a book giveaway of five banned books.