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Banned Books Week Trivia

Will your team be the trivia champions? Join JMRL for Banned Books Week Trivia Night at Random Row Brewery for chances to win prizes based on your team’s knowledge of banned books. Teams of up to four can work together.

E-mail kfarrell@jmrl.org for more info or to register.

Let Freedom Read Trivia Night

This year, libraries across the country will be sharing displays and information about the perils of censorship and limiting access to books in a democracy. Join Petoskey District Library in standing up for everyone’s right to read freely!

Bring your knowledge and curiosity to Let Freedom Read Trivia Night! Learn some and win some… library swag, that is! Be a lone wolf, or come with your pack, as long as you have fun!

Banned Books Week TRIVIA

We are celebrating our freedom to read with Banned Books Trivia in the store on Friday, October 6!

Grab a group of free-minded souls to test your knowledge of history, culture, and censorship as it pertains to banned and challenged books. Teams will spread out throughout the store and take part in 5 rounds of cut-throat (not really) trivia. Even if you think you know nothing about banned books, you will surprise yourself — and you just may win a prize!

“Every burned book enlightens the world!”

Instead of an entry fee, we are asking teams to bring a challenged or banned book (gently used or purchased brand new from our store) to donate to our Hygge House Book Nooks in the city of Worcester.