Get Ready for Banned Books Week with Coalition Resources!

The members of the Banned Books Week Coalition have resources to support Banned Books Week programming, promotion of the annual celebration of the right to read, and banned books themselves. Many of these resources can be used throughout the year, so you can celebrate the right to read every day!

Check out the following resources from the coalition. Several can be used by multiple audiences, from educators, to librarians, to retailers, and beyond! Most of these resources are free unless otherwise indicated.

If you’re hosting an event or display, don’t forget to let us know about it, and we’ll share it here for the world to find!

Copyright notice: Unless otherwise indicated, the resources offered here are copyright and/or property of their respective creators. Resources can be used to support and promote Banned Books Week events, but none of the resources can be sold or used for fundraising purposes. Copyright should be attributed to the respective creator. For inquiries or clarification, please contact

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